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Behind the Mural

Does  anyone recognize the painting behind this beautiful woman? Well that is Sara sitting in front of her portrait, sharing the succulent she magically kept alive in the brutal Salt Lake, UT weather conditions.  I had shared some clippings with her from the Carmel Highlands when we first met. 

Her mom, Jeanie had reached out to me earlier in the year to express gratitude for a portrait I painted of her and her late husband, Bill.  "It helped us get through a tough time" and now her youngest daughter Sara is battling stage 4 cancer. 

After reading Jeanie's story and meeting her face to face (a true authentic: resilient, strong and such a beautiful outlook despite the tragedy she had faced and currently faces), I felt inspired to create my next paint chip mosaic piece. 

The mosaic of this magical and beautiful creature, Sara was now finished.  It was time to finally meet her.  

Sara is as wondrous as the mushrooms she's captivated by.  And now, she and her mom have given me such a precious gift; to not only create a large mushroom forest mural on the outside wall of their SLC home, but I get to live amongst two of the most inspiring women I've ever come across.

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